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Perfect Brunch Dish | One Pot Spicy Eggs and Potatoes

Perfect Brunch Dish | One Pot Spicy Eggs and Potatoes


Hey Hey Foodies!

Who likes Brunch?! For someone who doesn’t always like eggs – I somehow am OBSESSED with Brunch! Can you even believe this?

That I’m making a spicy ancho chili homemade tomato simmer sauce (whatever you do, don’t look back at the last month of recipes to check if this is my new obsession, but for real please don’t) to cover a crowd of spicy, salty, pan-fried potatoes, a handful of shredded spinach, and, uhhhhhm, EGGS?

Hold the phone. 

There is so much fickleness in the egg department of my life.

I know, IknowIknowIknow. I say this every time I post a recipe, but honestly you guys, I really don’t like eggs. And this is not just me saying this for a nice blog story – I don’t actually like them.

I know I seem like a liar sometimes, but this? This is a make-it-more-than-five-times kind of a meal for me. And it’s e-g-g-s.


Perfect Brunch

I think what’s happening here is that I’m less of an egg-hater and more of an egg-snob, because there ARE certain types of egg recipes that I will eat, and eat, and eat. Delicious eggs are out there, and for me, they almost always involve soft yolks and large gobs of creamy goat cheese. Brunch

I wanted so badly to make this recipe for breakfast. I really did. But I have a really hard time doing savory in the morning, especially when it involves making a savory onion-and-garlic simmer sauce at or before Coffee Time. Just… couldn’t.

But I could and most definitely did make this semi-brunchy recipe for dinner. And I did that many times over in the last few weeks. And I looked forward to it with its crusty white bread for sauce soaking every single time.



Between the spicy tomato sauce, the spicy pan-fried potatoes, the fresh spinach,


the soft and creamy eggs WITH THE GOAT CHEESE melted in hunks all over the top, and the buttered white crusty bread that is there to sop up all your delicious sauce and make you feel happy things, there is so much to love about this colorful, cozy one-pot recipe.












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