Heart Healthy One Pan Lemon Garlic Baked Salmon + Asparagus – Just 10 Minutes

Y’all are in for a treat! This One Pan Lemon Garlic Baked Salmon & Asparagus is heart healthy and delicious! The entire meal is less than 300 calories per serving!

Making your entire meal in one pan means cooking—and cleanup—are a breeze. Throw all of your ingredients onto one pan and you’ll have a meal that the whole family will enjoy.  From chicken to bratwurst to salmon—your sheet pan can cook it all. The dishes are so easy to make that you will want to make one every night of the week. Continue Reading “Heart Healthy One Pan Lemon Garlic Baked Salmon + Asparagus – Just 10 Minutes”

Crispy Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine


This recipe is a favorite of mine. I’m not always a fan of shrimp – neither is my mom. It honestly depends on the recipe. When I was a kid, we’d go to Cancun with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins, and I was obsessed with the coconut shrimp the resort served. We went there a couple years for spring break, and I was always so excited about this shrimp. For years after that I wouldn’t eat shrimp unless it was “coconut shrimp”. I know….bratty kid. ANYWAY – certain recipes have grown on me! THIS ONE IS PRETTY CLOSE TO #1.

Did I say it’s a favorite of mine? I’m talking crispy fried cajun shrimp on a bed of creamy fettuccine with a simple creamy sauce that really only requires 3 ingredients, unless you count the salt and pepper.

I have to say – looking at this recipe, you would not think it would take less than half an hour. It looks so good and only 20 minutes. The timing makes it a perfect weeknight dinner but you can still impress! I’m obsessed with those kind of meals.

But honestly, dinner couldn’t get any easier, and we’re talking 20 minutes tops before this dish will make its way onto your dinner table. So have at it!  Continue Reading “Crispy Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine”

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with a Cranberry Stuffing

A tasty pork tenderloin, stuffed with a cranberry stuffing.  Fancy enough for a small holiday gathering but easy enough for a casual any day dinner.    

It’s funny how in the spring, I can’t wait to ditch the oven and use the grill.  Because as soon as September rolls around, I’m thinking the exact opposite and the grill is left lonely so I can roast yet again.  There is just something comforting about this kind of meal. My mom told me last week how she was craving this dish – so yes, it’s July – this is definitely more of a fall recipe – but its DELICIOUS I just don’t even care.  Continue Reading “Roasted Pork Tenderloin with a Cranberry Stuffing”

Mediterranean Recipe with Chickpeas, Rice and Chicken. You’ll Thank me later!

FOODIES! It’s Mediterranean Week in my kitchen!

This dish has chickpeas, some call garbanzo beans. Chickpeas are what makes up hummus – which is GREAT FOR YOU. So being Greek and Lebanese has its perks let me tell ya. I get both sides of the amazing food! I’ve told you all about the Mediterranean diet and the yumminess of it. Well this Lebanese dish is AMAZING.  Continue Reading “Mediterranean Recipe with Chickpeas, Rice and Chicken. You’ll Thank me later!”

5 Easy Buddha Bowls for Healthy and Delicious Eating

Whaaaaat 5 Recipes in one post??? I’m so excited to share these with y’all!

What are Buddha bowls exactly? According to the internet, they are bowls that are filled to the brim with veggie deliciousness that resembles the roundness of Buddha’s belly. This is an incredibly easy way to get more veggies in your life and to prep dinners that are healthy and delicious.
Continue Reading “5 Easy Buddha Bowls for Healthy and Delicious Eating”

slow cooker

Slow Cooker Chicken – Creamy Lemon Sauce

      I always find a new recipe that becomes my favorite.                       Continue Reading “Slow Cooker Chicken – Creamy Lemon Sauce”

Rosé Lemon Caper Salmon – Only 30 Minutes

SO as you know I live in Dallas, Texas. Let me tell you something…IT IS HOT HERE. We are reaching the 100 degree+ weather and I am melting over here. Literally melting. Well, I’ve been on a huge salmon kick recently. I love it! It is healthy and delicious – and there are so many ways to prepare it.

Now this recipe is delicious and Refreshing. Which is needed when your getting heatstroke over here.Takes 30 MINUTES. That’s its y’all, 30 MINUTES.   But really guys, Salmon is so beneficial to your health guys! Heres a few reasons why…

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How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese is a grilled cheese, right? I mean, it’s the first meal that most of us learn how to cook at home by ourselves. (Unless you’re Greek). It’s the perfect midnight snack or soup-dinner. It’s great for kids, but is never turned down by an adult. It’s salty, gooey, crisp, buttery, and comforting in all the right ways. Continue Reading “How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese”